Press release: Tulip Holstein Sale will be Silent Auction

Press release: Tulip Holstein Sale will be Silent Auction

The 15th edition of the Tulip Sale during the annual Holland Holstein show in Zwolle has a different form this year. Organizer Adolf Langhout of ALH Genetics consciously chooses for a Silent Auction, in which no animals will be present, only the ones that are entered for the show.

On Friday 7 and Saturday 8 December the yearly Holland Holstein sHow will take place again in the IJsselhallen, Zwolle (The Netherlands). An important element of the show is the Tulip Sale organized by ALH Genetics from Damwoude. Owner Adolf Langhout: ” Partly due to the Fosfor laws and regulations, there is simply a lot less interesting young stock available in the Netherlands. That is why we choose for a different set up and will sell a smaller number of animals via a Silent Auction “.

This way of auctioning, where no animals are present, brings more benefits. Langhout: “After an auction in the Netherlands, the animals must always return to the seller for 21 days before they can go to the buyer, and you also have to wait another 30 days before animals are allowed to export. This is now not necessary. Also now it is easier to include more animals from abroad into this sale.

Guarantee for quality
Buying an animal in a Silent Auction is different than buying at a sale where the animals are present, Langhout realizes. “Our quality is the guarantee that we only sell the best animals”.
The catalogue will be available online in week 48 and can be downloaded from the website

Practical information
The Silent Auction opens on Friday morning 7 December at 9.00 am and closes Saturday afternoon 8 December at 3 pm. During the auction in the IJsselhallen several times the highest bid will be announced for all auction numbers. The most exciting moment will be after 3 pm when all auction numbers will be assigned to the highest bidders.

Dinner, breeder’s party and auction number 0
Prior to the dinner and breeder’s party on Friday night, we will sell lot number 0. The entire proceeds of this lot are for the Young Breeders of the Holland Holstein Herds.
With the wonderful selection of the Tulip Holstein Sale and with more than 500 animals entered for the Holland Holstein sHow, we are looking forward to this unique and beautiful event.

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