Tulip Sale 2020 will be LIVE sale!

Enter now your consignments, call A.L.H. Genetics!

The Tulip Holstein Sale 2020 will take place on Friday December 4, which will be held live under the guidance of the actioneer.

We are looking for the best calves, heifers, bred heifers, cows and embryos for this auction!
Enter your consignments now through the contact persons below or use the contact page the website www.tulip-sale.nl

For questions, consignments and/or comments:
Adolf Langhout, Netherlands (+31) 06-53410490 adolf@alh-genetics.nl
Arjan Werkhoven, Netherlands (+31) 06-51608017 arjan@alh-genetics.nl

Click here for the contact persons in your country

We look forward to see your lot(s) for this sale!



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